How did it all start?

Art was my passion and photography was my hobby. The day I bought my first camera, I knew what I was going to do with it; wedding photography. My passion and hobby made me a wedding photographer. Starting from that first snap I capture at the event to the day I deliver the final product to my client, I ask myself a question. “ Have I fulfilled my client’s need? Or is there something I could have done better? This helps me think even more in terms of the way I capture moments, composition, color and the final product. There is no end in the world of photography. Something I enjoy is when I bring something new to my client, which they enjoy.

What do I like about Wedding photography?

I enjoy working with my clients on their most important day of their life. I get to capture unique and precious moments as they occur. Whenever I shoot, I always wait to capture the right moments. To me, each client has a taste when it comes to photography. Some like natural shots while some like funny poses. It is very important to understand a client’s taste for photography.

What is my style of photography?

I like to capture candid moments. I do not stop the action and try to capture it.I try to capture people in their natural settings because it adds more to the picture.I do prefer some group poses because realistically, you cannot have everyone in the picture at the same time unless you ask them to do so. However you can take some funny poses in a group picture.